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As a non-profit r3.0 has invested extensively to deliver a top-notch conference. We are now offering the video recordings on a “pay-as-you-value-it” basis. Please consider a minimum of 20 Euros when filling in the amount. We value your contribution to help us cover the conference costs through your contribution.





Day 1


Plenary Science & Behaviour

The intersection of thermodynamic science and social sciences, particularly on ecological and social thresholds and allocations, with the mindset shifts needed to shift from a growth obsessed monocapitalist economy to a regenerative and distributive multicapitalist economy. Keynote Speakers: Harald Sverdrup (replaced by Bill Baue), Allen White, Michelle Holliday, Jane Hwang

Plenary Finance & Growth

Economic growth theory embraced by Nobel Laureate William Nordhaus advocates for “optimal” global warming of 3.5C – a recipe for triggering a tipping point into hothouse Earth! r3.0 released the Sustainable Finance Blueprint in this segment and discusses a financial market complementarity serving a regenerative & distributive economy. Keynote Speakers: John Fullerton, Natasha Lamb, Tjeerd Krumpelman, Jason Hickel

Plenary Value & Circularity

What is value – is it synonymous with money, or does it encompass a much broader expression that aligns with regenerative & distributive economy design? And how can we align a circular economy with a sustainable economy to ensure system value creation (beyond the current fad of impact valuation). r3.0 released the Value Cycles Blueprint in this segment. Keynote Speakers: James Quilligan, Eveline Jonkhoff, Jean Russell, Janez Potocnik

Plenary Governance & Education

What new global, regional and local governance is needed to allow a regenerative & distributive economy to come into fruition, and how can shifts in funding priorities support the emergence of a regenerative & distributive economy? How must education transform to support the emergence of regenerative cultures? This focus-area will initiate work on the last two Blueprints in the second generation of r3.0 Blueprint development – the Governments / Mulilaterals / Foundations Blueprint and the Educational Transformation Blueprint – setting the stage for r3.0 to enter a full adaptation cycle for its Blueprints in 2021.

Day 2


Interactive  Breakout 1st plenary (Science & Behaviour)

PACE: Securing Vital Resources – the Decade to Deliver – Speaker: Harald Sverdrup, Cecile van Oppen and Kees Klomp

SCALE: Respecting Thresholds & Allocations Globally – Speaker: Allen White, Heather Grady, Joyeeta Gupta and Bill Baue

SCOPE: Accounting for Sustainability Across the Triple Bottom Line – Speaker: Mark McElroy, Jane Hwang and Delphine Gibassier

Market-Making Ideas And Solutions Part 1

Slot 1: The THRIVE Platform: A New Resource for Thresholds-Based Performance Assessment & Business Model Design – Speaker: Morris D. Fedeli

Slot 2: MultiCapital Scorecard: Concept (Integrating Doughnut Thresholds) & Practice (at Cabot Creamery Cooperative) – Speaker: Mark, McElroy, Jed Davis, Abby Snyder

Slot 3: How limited companies & cooperatives break regenerative economies; and how the fairshares commons makes them antifragile. – Speaker: Graham Boyd, Magdalena Schäfer

Day 3


Interactive  Breakout 2st plenary (Finance & Growth)

PACE: Post-Growth for Intergenerational Equity – Speaker: Susan Paulson, Beth Stratford and Kees Klomp

SCALE: Regenerative Finance from the Bioregional to the Global Scale – Speaker: John Fullerton, Laura Ortiz Montemayor and Stuart Cowan

SCOPE: Delivering Sustainable Finance – Speaker: Tjeerd Krumpelman, Geeta Aiyer and Emilie Goodall

Market-Making Ideas And Solutions Part 2

Slot 4: Practical Tools for Designing, Managing, and Monitoring organizations and networks as Regenerative Living Systems – Speaker: Jeff Su

Slot 5: Market Traction – Innovating Strategy Development for Flourishing Enterprise Futures – Speaker: Randy Sa’d, Stephen Davies, Claire Bennett, Manuel Riemer

Slot 6: Redesigning Products and Value Chains using Digital Platforms – Speaker: Jörg Walden, Martina Prox

Day 4


Interactive  Breakout 3rd plenary (Value & Circularity)

PACE: Shifting to Economies as Ecosystems – Speaker: James Quilligan, Michel Bauwens and Adam Garfunkel

SCALE: Seeding Circular Economies through Regional Doughnuts – Speaker: Salomé Galjaard, Teina Boasa-Dean (replaced by Bill Baue) and Martina Prox

SCOPE: The Value of Thrivability – Speaker: Jean Russell, Michelle Holliday and Trae Ashlie-Garen

Interactive  Breakout 4th plenary (Governance & Education)

PACE: Educational Transformation to Regenerative Holism – Speaker: Anneloes Smitsman, Joe Brewer and Bill Baue

SCALE: Regenerative & Distributive Governance & Ownership – Speaker: Marjorie Kelly and Lynn Benander

SCOPE: Transformative Governance & Bioregional Education – Speaker: Greg Watson, Michael Quinn Patton and Glenn Page

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